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Vinyl awnings

There is one thing for sure about vinyl, it is quite durable, weathers well and is relatively inexpensive.  If you are looking for a inexpensive alternative for your garden or patio space, then purchasing vinyl awnings are a good choice.  What are your other alternatives?  Well, you could build a patio cover, but that will require much more time or money to construct.  It will also be a more permanent solution to what may be a more temporary shade need you are after.  Additional options could include natural shade from trees or climbing vines and other plants. Other options include shade sails and canopy choices that are also more permanent, but have less in the way of a visual presence on the ground. These products are installed on posts or to anchor points on rigid structures of your home or other patio features, thus, freeing up the ground space.
While vinyl is descriptive of the material, it is more than this. There are a wide variety of awning styles, most of which are made of vinyl.  However, you can find exterior shutters that are made of bamboo, canvas, or other wood products. Let’s not forget about the fact that with a fabric awning like vinyl, you can also have them roll up and stow away when not in use.
Why vinyl makes such a great choice for garden awnings is that it is both flexible and durable.  It can be washed with a simple mild detergent and hosed off.  This makes them quite durable to resist the effects of the weather and also from dirt and grime.  Many newer awnings are also able to better resist the effects of the UV light on the fabric as well.  The newer vinyl awnings can last longer.

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