Spear Point Window Awning

The decorative spear point and other decorative awnings are generally inspired by a combination of French and Italian themes.

They add style to both traditional and contemporary home decors.

While the concept of spear point has been around for centuries, it has been become popular in current times as an architectural favorite.

The SPEAR POINT AWNING is practical, versatile and stylish and is a perfect way to add shade with a charming touch.

Today’s typical Spear Point awning is built to resemble black wrought iron, adding flare and elegance to any door or window.

By choosing our decorative awnings, with their cast iron finials and bold scrolls, you can enjoy many years of compliments from friends and neighbors.

C and C Canvas and Awning, Inc. fabricates its decorative awnings utilizing a welded frame to support the fabric.

As with all of our fixed awnings, each one is custom designed and manufactured to the measured specifications.

The secret of our commercial success is all about paying attention to detail.

We provide you with a commitment to perfection during manufacturing process as well as during the installation of your stationary awning.