Residential Canopies/Awnings

Why install residential awnings on your home?

You may have never considered installing an awning for your home or business. Take into consideration the visual appeal and economic savings that professional awning installation can bring.

Stunningly aesthetic. Awnings, by C and C Canvas, can bring terrific beauty to your home. The crisp lines or subtle hues of custom-designed awnings will add an eye-catching flair to any home. Knowing that an awning or canopy will fit in almost any space, for any size, and multitude of purposes, gives you plenty of options to work with. Color choices? Limitless, as is our style and design.

Where do I install awnings?

Just about anywhere. You can install awnings by a pool, as many of our customers have chosen to do. Consider installing awnings above windows and especially over entry-doors. Install an awning in from of a bay window or by an outdoor grill. You can even have an awning installed for a touch of deco in your indoor space. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

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