C and C's shade products are heavy duty drop shade systems. They are built for larger areas such as patio lattice structures, stucco overhangs, entrance ways, and generally any opening in which the tracks can be mounted vertically. Designed to reduce heat transfer through windows, these high-quality fabrics also reduce the glare and harmful UV rays from the sun.

Exterior sun shades are the most effective solution to excessive temperatures inside the home by stopping the heat and UV rays before they reach the glass. Drapes, interior blinds and window tinting do not accomplish this as well as sun shades because the damaging rays have already entered the room in the form of heat.

Flame resistant and fade resistant, heavy duty shade fabrics can block up to 90% of the sun's rays. Not only will this reduce your home’s energy cost, it will also provide protection to your home’s indoor furnishings. Shading the outside of your home with C and C’s shade products can reduce summer temperatures by as much as 20 degrees on a hot summer day and result in substantial energy cost savings.

Windows and doors are one of the largest sources of heat gain in your house. Blocking the sun before it enters your home, as stated above, is the main advantage of any exterior shading system. C and C's line of vertical drop shade products, are a great way to reduce the effects of sun damage. The use of either thermal screen or the opaque acrylic awning fabric, provides a wide variety of benefits including the reduction of damage to carpets, furniture and drapes, as well as the added bonus of increasing your privacy.

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