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C & C Canvas & Awning  is a premier awning maintenance and awning repair company located in Stuart, Florida.   We specialize in awning maintenance, awning repair, awning restoration, and awning replacement.  At C & C Canvas & Awning we also repair and replace all types of outdoor canvas and vinyl products, such as canopies, curtains, panels, boat covers and enclosures.

The expert staff at C & C Canvas & Awning provides  maintenance and repair services for awnings, canopies, boat covers, and other canvas and vinyl products.  Within our Martin County, FL awning repair and service center, we can fix awnings, outdoor canopies and boat covers and are also experienced at fixing canvas and all types of outdoor canvas and vinyl products.

Our awning, outdoor canopy, and canvas repair services and maintenance services are aimed at maintaining the quality and life of your outdoor products.  Canvas and vinyl products can accumulate dirt, dust and debris from the environment and can be adversely affected by salt from the ocean breeze, and even the rain. When dirt and grime begin to build up on your awning, it can weaken the canvas or vinyl and even begin to destroy the stitching that holds the awning, outdoor canopy or boat cover together.  The water repellant covering that is sprayed on the awning or canopy by the manufacture also begins to wear off over time and reduces the effectiveness of its protection.

We reapply water repellent applications to awnings, canopies, curtains, panels, boat covers, and many other outdoor canvas and vinyl products.  We can have your fabric looking its very best!  Outdoor awnings, boat covers, and canvas products can also be re-stitched and reinforced to extend the life of the product.  At C & C Canvas & Awning, we also offer awning parts if a specific part needs replacing.  Or if you are looking for canvas replacement, need a replacement canopy, or want to completely replace your awning, we can do that, too!

Our awning maintenance and awning repair services are intended to extend the life of your patio awnings, canopies, boat covers, and more, but sometimes your product is beyond repair and considering canvas replacement is your best option.  We provide replacement canvas, replacement canopies, and awning replacement, as well as all awning parts needed to have your awning looking its very best.  All of our work is handcrafted. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and the American-made products we offer.

If you reside in or near Martin County, FL C & C Canvas & Awning  Products should be your #1 source for awning maintenance and awning repair.  Due to our location and the lifestyles of homeowners and boat owners in the area, there is a great need for maintaining and repairing outdoor patio awnings, canopies, boat covers and other outdoor canvas products.  We love the sun and surf in Martin County.  Awning, canopies and boat covers protect us from the elements and provide a natural form of shade and air conditioning.  Awning, canopies and boat covers need protection from the elements too and that’s why C & C Canvas & Awning provides the best awning maintenance and awning repair services in Martin County, FL.

Within our maintenance and repair service center we recover awnings. Also, we reapply water repellent applications to existing awnings, curtains, panels and various other canvas and vinyl applications.


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