Spear awnings became popular during the first half of the 19th century shortly after the initial development of awnings. During that time period, awnings in general were constructed of timber or cast iron posts that were set along the edges of sidewalks. The posts were then linked by a front cross bar. As awnings became more popular, more ornate designs started to appear. On some of these ornate examples, metal posts were adorned with filigree and the tops were decorated with spear ends.

This style of awning, called a spear awning, added to the style of homes and continues to do so in modern times. The decorative wrought iron rods of spear awnings offer a retro feel and often have finials that pick up on iron lanterns and metal furniture frames many people have on their patios. An expanded variety of available canvas colors, patterns, and valance shapes also appeared during this period. Some coverings were dyed a solid color; shades of slate, tan, and green were especially popular. Others had painted stripes on the upper surface of the canvas. Awning companies developed a colorful vocabulary of awning stripes that enhanced the decorative schemes of buildings, and in some cases, served as a building's primary decorative feature.

Early spear awnings easily rolled up by hand when inclement weather was expected. In modern times, you will need to retract spear awnings when high winds are predicted. C and C Canvas & Awnings personnel inform customers as to how many miles per hour spear awning products can withstand.

There are also motorized versions of spear awnings currently available on the market. Most homeowners consider several factors when deciding whether to go with the hand-cranked version or the motorized version. The main consideration is obvious. Do you want the ease of simply pushing a button and the increased costs of the product installation and maintenance.

The professionals at C and C Canvas and Awnings in Stuart, Florida note that the motorized awnings have an up-charge and that can add another $800 - $1,000 to the cost of the awnings. FYI, motorized awnings come with a hand crank in case the power goes out.

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