When you take a walk or just drive around any local South Florida area, whether here in Stuart, Port St. Lucie or Hobe Sound, you will see one thing consistently time and time again - party tents! Name the event. It might be a wedding, a birthday, a graduation, a charity gala, a retirement, or any number and variety of corporate events. Whatever the event, you will more than likely see a tent designed to house the festivities.

Tents have some real advantages when it comes to special events and these advantages are probably what makes them so popular. They have customizable features for one thing. They also provide specified boundaries and offer protection from the environment.

Let’s face it - good old 'Mother Nature' can wreak havoc on events, especially here in South Florida. Between the heat, rain, wind and overall effects of weather on the ground, any event can be ruined very quickly. Party tents help protect against the worst weather conditions in Palm Beach, Martin and St Lucie Counties in Florida.

Naturally, rain is the most conspicuous weather hazard when it comes to affecting events. A tent will keep the rain off the guests, as well as off the ground underneath the event, so that the participants don't suddenly find themselves ankle deep in water or mud.

Tents also protect against both heat and cold. In hot weather, tents clearly offer shade from the heat and provide a space where you can cool off via cooling systems and/or fans. When the weather is cold, tents can help keep ambient heat contained within the tent to keep guests comfortably warm. Additionally, heaters or heating systems can be employed, just like cooling systems can be utilized in hot weather.

Because of the environmental protection offered by party tents, many party planners use tents as "Plan A" for special events. With a tent arranged ahead of time, you don't have to have a backup plan if the weather goes against you.

During your special events, you will want a clearly defined space for your guests and those in attendance. Tents provide a visual definition of the event space and can be used to set off various activities going on within the event.

For example:

  • Weddings often use tents to define a reception space.
  • Corporate events use tents to keep participants in the same location so everyone can hear the speakers, as well as allowing them to engage and participate in planned activities.
  • In parks or other public spaces, tents can be a temporary visual landmark for the special event, as well as function as a discouragement to non-participants from joining in.
  • And multi-use venues, like trade shows, can use tents to define specific spaces for various functions.

Finally, one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of tents is that they are so customizable! With today's availability of so many fabric technologies, party tents now offer customizable features and solutions to make each event extra special and unique.

So the next time you plan an event, consider all the benefits a party tent could bring to your function. Call C & C Canvas and Awnings at 772-221-8847 in Stuart. Whether you live in Stuart, Palm City, Sewalls Point, Golden Gate, Jensen Beach, Port Salerno, Port St. Lucie, Hobe Sound, Jupiter, Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens, or North Palm Beach FL, we are available to discuss all your shading options today.