We all know about those super hot South Florida days! If you love here, you know what we’re talking about! Whew! Do you wish that you could get a little bit of reprieve from the heat and the sun? The answer is obvious. If your backyard doesn’t have any trees, more than likely you can’t sit in the shade anywhere. If this describes your situation, the time has come for you to consider residential retractable awnings. So which option is the right one for you?

At C & C Canvas and Awnings, we offer several options from which to choose. You might prefer our stationary awnings that are fixed to the house with a sturdy frame. Or, you may desire our residential retractable awnings which can be pulled out when you want shade and then retracted if you want more sun. Regardless of the type of retractable awnings you choose for your Stuart, Hobe Sound, Port St. Lucie, Jupiter or any other South Florida community in which you live, we have listed the main benefits of retractable patio awnings for your yard.

1. Get Protection from the Sun

Residential retractable awnings are most desired for the protection from the sunlight that they offer especially when you just want to relax in your yard. You can say adios to the days of having to stay inside your home just to get out of the sun. With retractable awnings you can relax outside, right in your own backyard, underneath your protective awning while you enjoy a snack, sip a refreshing drink, or read a book. The added advantage is that you will also be protecting your skin from the most damaging rays from the sun. And we all understand the importance of that!

2. You Will Save Money on Your Energy Bill

There are many studies that have determined how residential retractable awnings can save you a lot of money on your energy bill. Logically speaking, it makes total sense. An awning keeps sun from coming into your home through the windows which can help keep your house anywhere from eight to fifteen degrees cooler. Those are savings that add up. It means that you won’t have to use your air conditioner as often as you normally would, or you can turn it up a little higher and still be comfortably cool. You’ll be amazed at how much money an awning can save you!

3. Enjoy a Staycation in Your Own Backyard

For those times when you can’t get away for a vacation, one of the great benefits concerning residential retractable awnings is that they extend the comfort of your own home to the outdoors. When you can enjoy a nice cool awning and relax in your yard without the hot sun blaring down on you, you’ll find that a stay-cation suddenly seems more enticing.

4. When You Want to Block the Sun, Not the View

Enjoy staying cool in the hot summer months while still being able to enjoy the view. Our awnings provide protection from the sun without blocking the view. Whether you have a view of the ocean, intracoastal, a tropical forest, or whatever view you normally enjoy, you can continue to enjoy that view while relaxing in the shade.

5. Customizing Your Home Adds Value

One of the most popular benefits of awnings is that they can be customized to fit every preference and style. We, at C & C Canvas and Awnings, know that awnings are about improving the look of your home, but they also add value to your home as well. As far as the looks are concerned, you will have your choice of a great variety of different colors, fabrics, and styles. And, you will feel great after your purchase because you will have the added confidence that you have just added value to your home!

If you’re interested in the residential retractable awnings that we offer at C & C Canvas and Awnings, request a free quote today! You surely don’t want to miss out on all the benefits you get by installing a retractable awning!