Create your own outdoor bonus room

With the touch of a button, you could be relaxing under an awning made with legendary Sunbrella fabric and remote controlled Somfy motor. Sunbrella fabrics provide important protection from the sun and are more water-repellent than ever. Available in a wide variety of rich solids, sophisticated textures and stunning stripes, there's sure to be one to fit your style.

Expand your living space

Let your indoor party expand to the outdoors. Encourage the kids to play outside in the shade. Enjoy lunch on your deck in August. All are possible with Sunbrella fabric. Installing an awning is like making a low-cost room addition.

Cut energy use, save money

Adding one or more awnings to your home can have surprising benefits when it comes to cutting back on your home’s energy bills. When it's hot out, fabric awnings block the sun's rays, reducing your dependence on air conditioning. In fact, studies show that an awning can reduce heat gain from the sun by up to 77 percent. In cooler months, retractable awnings let you take advantage of the sun's natural warmth, which can help you reduce your heating bills and save energy.