On the fence about purchasing awnings for your company? A business location that has charm and is visually attractive is more likely to catch the eye of passing customers that a business with a plain storefront. One of the easiest ways to create visual interest is with the addition of an awning to your building's exterior.

Business owners are often surprised at how many awning styles are available to choose from. Carefully consider the following factors before investing in new awnings to ensure you end up with the right ones that are best suited for your needs.

1. Form, Function, or Both

In considering new awnings for your business, you need to decide if you want your awnings to serve a functional purpose.

Awnings offer a great, yet simple way to set your business apart from competitors and create visual appeal. If the visual elevation of your building is your primary goal, then you won't need an awning that extends out too far from your building.

If you want the awning to look great and be functional as well, you will need to take size into consideration. An awning can protect your customers from the elements as they look through store windows or enjoy resting on outdoor benches and tables in front of your retail space.

Ensure that the commercial awnings you choose will meet the form and function goals you have in mind.

2. Drainage

Your commercial awning will be affected by the drainage system that serves your business space. Factoring this drainage into the equation when determining which awning system will be best suited to your needs is important.

An awning that is placed near a rain gutter or downspout could face significant moisture. It's best to use an awning system that features a concave design in these areas to allow water to easily drain off the awning as needed.

A convex awning can be a wise choice for windows or doors that are not located near building drainage elements, as the rounded curve of the convex awning will encourage water to pool away from your building's foundation.

3. Brand Message

The brand message your company is trying to put out should be reflected in all things the business does. This includes the design of any awnings that you choose to install on the exterior of your business. The appearance of an awning can be dramatically changed with the addition of a valance.

The valance is the lowest portion of the awning that hangs vertically from the awning's edge. A valance with flaps will add movement to your building's exterior and evoke a nostalgic feel. A fixed valance is fitted with a metal frame to give the valance a rigid appearance. Your awning will still look decorative but will have a more elegant and classy aesthetic.

Awnings with no valance attached have a modern or industrial vibe. As a business owner it is important to carefully consider the addition of a valance to your awning. Select a valance style that will create an awning whose aesthetic reflects the brand message of your company. This type of consistency in minor details can help to make your brand more recognizable.

An awning system can add to the form and function of your building. Don't waste money on an awning system that isn't designed to meet your functional, drainage, and advertising needs.

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