Awnings & Canopies are Frequently Used in Movie Productions! Awnings and canopies play a much bigger role in the movies than you might think! They can quickly define a change in time or place, or help create a mood. They can add color and contrast to make a scene pop, or make it drab instead. There are a lot of elements that are a part of what we all love and know as, “movie magic” and awnings and canopies make up some of those elements.

It is likely that you don’t think about or notice awnings and canopies in a movie at all. However you will surely remember the beautiful wedding scenes in “Harry Potter” and “Notting Hill”. Awnings and canopies actually play a role in all types of movies. Some of the many ways that awnings and canopies have played a part in your favorite movies are described below.


Movies are about story-telling and a producer’s ability to effectively communicate a particular storyline. Awnings and canopies have a lot to do with creating an authentic setting. If the film is set at Hogwarts in a Harry Potter movie, no one would find it believable if setting was chrome and steel. It would be hard to associate those elements with ancient magic and sorcery.

Awnings can be used to direct audiences to a point in time without having to say anything specific about the place and date. They can also be used to highlight settings that producers and writers want you to notice. These could be any type of setting including coffee shops, restaurants, businesses or homes. Distinct entrances to any of those locations can be singled out or highlighted with specific colors and textures. Awnings and canopies are frequently used to get the audience to notice something they would not ordinarily see.


Many studios have contracts with different businesses to promote their products and brand. Remember all those movies that you saw your favorite actors drinking 7-Up or Coke was not an accident. Companies pay a lot of money for these plugs. Awnings are a great way to show a company’s distinctive logo without affecting the movement of the film. You probably have noticed them in the backgrounds of many films and TV shows.

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