Those of us living in South Florida know how brutal the sun can be. It can heat up your house, as well as cause your furniture and carpeting to fade.

During the height of summer, the sun can easily discourage you from using your outdoor spaces like your patio. Awnings are one solution to that problem. Following are some reasons to install awnings on your house.

1. Increase Your Home’s Market Value

Placing an awning over a patio area creates more livable space, and consequently increases your home’s value. They bring more appeal to homeowners that want an outdoor space to relax and enjoy the weather, without worrying about the blistering sun.

2. Preservation of Interior Furnishings

Awnings that have been placed over windows can provide sufficient shade to protect the home’s interior furnishings and décor from damage caused by exposure to excess sunlight. If you wish to preserve your outdoor furniture, a retractable awning is the most feasible investment that would help. It is highly likely that your deck or patio furniture can easily start deteriorating with harsh sunlight, but the good news is that an awning will play a major role in keeping your expensive furniture protected during the warmer summer months.

3. Savings

Your awnings will provide shade, so they'll cut down on passive heating, which means lower cooling bills, which translates to spending less money on your energy bill.

4. Aesthetics

Awnings come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can easily find one that will match the look you desire.

Awnings can also improve your house's curb appeal, which will help if you ever decide to sell your house.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Awnings can cut your cooling needs, so you will use less electricity. And using less electricity means less fuel needs to be used to create electricity. Just a few people using awnings can start to show positive changes to the electricity draw, especially during peak hours.

6. Protection

When it rains an awning can work very well in funneling the water away from your house.

In a severe storm, they can also help to keep things like hail away from your windows.

7. Larger Living Space

If you have always wanted an outdoor living space, but have put it off because of the heat and sun, awnings will let you enjoy your backyard much more.

8. Pet Friendly

If you have a dog, they have to go outside at some point. A hot porch can hurt their paws. A hot backyard can make your pets not want to go outside. If you get a large awning to cover a back patio, you will give your dog a shadier, cooler spot to go when they are outside.

You can also sit outside under the awning to play with your dog, which will make you and your dog much happier.

For more information about your awnings needs, give C & C Canvas & Awning a call at 772-221-8847. We'll have one of our experienced techs come out to your house, evaluate it, and tell you what your best options are.

We can also suggest different materials, styles, and colors for you. That way you are ensured that you will have the awnings that you want and your house will look great.